You are sophisticated. Shouldn't your financial plan be too?

At Access Wealth Group, we believe in a well-diversified strategy that matches your financial situation and risk tolerance to achieve your financial goals. Our investment plan is sophisticated, yet easy to understand and execute as we work tirelessly to make your financial life effortless. We understand the power of alternative investments and have access to thousands of opportunities to help you achieve total wealth management.

Holistic Financial Planning +
Sophisticated Investment Models + Alternative Assets =
Total Access Wealth


Financial Planning

We evaluate where you stand and where you need to go to achieve your goals.


Investment Planning

Make sure your investment plan aligns with your goals, risk tolerance, and age.


Alternative Investments

Our vetted partners source thousands of Private Equity, Venture Capital, Specialty Business Finance, & Real Estate opportunities evaluated for ethical and impactful placements.

We are a wealth management company that offers a variety of investment options to clients of all levels of sophistication. We help them achieve their financial goals by providing access to sophisticated investment products and services, including dynamic life cycle portfolios, hedged fund-like model-guided portfolios, Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) Products. Our asset allocation models are managed by experienced CFA Charter holders and leverage cutting-edge technologies to deliver services and performance levels reserved for the ultra-wealthy, at a low cost.

The Access Wealth difference is clear

Models and Asset Classes for ultra-wealthy wealth management are now accessible. Our expert models are tailored to meet your needs.

About Us
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Simple Planning

Our planning process is backed by our proprietary technology to make it simple, fast, and effective to customize your own plan.
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Proven Models

Our market tested models developed by our CIO who has managed billions of clients dollars are easily customized to your financial plan.
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Advisor Team Collaboration

While we are not insurance, legal, or accounting experts. We work with client advisors and have a network of trusted professionals if you need a referral. We work with these experts to ensure alignment and protection of your financial interests.
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Simple Fee Structure

We use proven models with our proprietary technology to keep our costs low for you while opening world class investment opportunities.
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Support Promise

Your communication preferences matter to us. We provide easy to use technology or personal support from an expert human. You choose!

How you partner with Access

Our Access wealth engagement is designed to make the process simple, yet professionally customized to your needs. We match you into strategies developed by our investment team of seasoned professionals through our proprietary scoring algorhythm. You then meet with a real human advisor to ask questions and discuss your plan including full recommendations on alternative asset classes to ensure your Total Wealth Strategy is just right for you.

Meet our team

Our team comprises skilled professionals with decades of experience managing billions across investment classes and an international network.